Colors of London

One of the many things I missed during may six months stay in London two and half years ago was going on a ride on Thames river. When I visited again for a week in last August, I didn’t miss it this time. We took the ferry from Westminster to Greenwich, since we had plans to visit Greenwich museum. As the cruise sailed along the river we were in for a surprise. Along with all the historical buildings along, either side of the river were lined up with buildings with bright, vibrant colours and even some of them with weird combination of colours on the. Here are some of them –

Colors of London

Colors of London

londonriverview3 londonriverview3 PAYANIGA

londonriverview4 londonriverview4 PAYANIGA

londonriverview5 londonriverview5 PAYANIGA

londonriverview6 londonriverview6 PAYANIGA

londonriverview7 londonriverview7 PAYANIGA


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