From the streets of London

One of the many things which I like about London is the people. Walk down a street near a tourist attraction, you get to see people from all parts of the world. I had posted earlier few photos of people from the streets of London which I had taken during my stay in 2009. I was back again in London last August for a week. Below are few interesting people I captured during the visit –

From the streets of London

A tourist completely lost in her thoughts near Trafalgar square

From the streets of London

A busker near Millennium bridge

payaniga london street3 payaniga london street3 PAYANIGA

A mom and daughter having fun near Westminster

payaniga london street4 payaniga london street4 PAYANIGA

One of the most common sight on the streets – posing for the photographs

payaniga london street5 payaniga london street5 PAYANIGA

A lone protester – follower of Brian Haw at Parliament square

payaniga london street6 payaniga london street6 PAYANIGA

Yet another common sight, (mostly non-tourists) – waiting for the special someone.


  1. really beautiful pics…..i couldn’t resist asking u which cam do u owe?(i know credit goes more to man behind the cam…but still)…i m new in photography trying to click better….hope one day i can click as good as u……

  2. Some intelligent pictures.Gives us another view of the busy city of London.The first one is the best of the lot.

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