London Glimpses: People

Along with the London Underground, tourist attractions and landmarks, one more thing which attracted me was people. Being a buzzing tourist city, one get to see different kind of people – from all over the world, of all colours, age, sizes. Most of my errands, after a day long of roaming around, used to end up in a place where I could sit & relax – like Trafalgar square, Tower Bridge or Piccadilly Circus. Watching the people around, lost in their own world, used to be fun.

Here is a glimpse which managed to capture during my errands –

London Glimpses: PeopleWhatever be the busy schedule, there is always time for breakfast and News.
London Glimpses: PeopleAnd a chat with the better half
London Glimpses: PeopleWaiting for someone…
London Glimpses: PeoplePosing for the photographer
London Glimpses: PeopleCapturing the memories of the trip.
London Glimpses: People
London Glimpses: PeoplePlay time
London Glimpses: PeopleAn onlooker


  1. Amazing pics. “Posing for photographer” looks so similar to Keira Knightley (now dont tell me it is her!)

  2. I am a sucker for black and white portraits. Love those you got there thanks.

  3. Human being makes the most of the sciences and researches yet endless seems the study is. Wonderful.

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