Yellow fields of Aberdeenshire

PAYANIGA - Yellow fields of Aberdeenshire

Spring, the season of growth is here. Clear sky with scattered clouds has taken over the dull, grey sky of winter. There is an essence of cheeriness all over. Trees and plants turning green with chirping of birds hopping from one branch to other. There is a drastic difference since I landed here in Aberdeen in January. Couple of weeks ago, we went out exploring the Aberdeenshire county as if to welcome the spring.
PAYANIGA - Yellow fields of Aberdeenshire

As we rolled out of the city leaving behind the concrete jungle, soon the endless green fields embraced us and coincidentally John Denver’s song started on the radio “Country road, take me home”. While we drove on, it was vast green till one can gaze with dotted cattle, sheep and farm houses here & there. Few mountains far behind the fields stood still complimenting the greenery, with a bit of snow perched on top waiting to melt away. All of a sudden the vastness of green was obscured by an yellow patch in the horizon. It looked as if someone had painted those green plants. While we drove ahead still wondering about the yellow plants, there it was – one more yellow patch, but still for off from the road for us to stop and venture.
PAYANIGA - Yellow fields of Aberdeenshire

PAYANIGA - Yellow fields of Aberdeenshire

The yellow plants deceived us for some more time and after crossing countless number of yellowed plots, we found one next to the road. Just as we got closer to the plants, we realized that those were yellow flowers which made the plants look like yellow ones. Though the view of this yellow was pleasant to our eyes, looking at them from close vicinity for longer time made us a little bit uncomfortable due to the contrast of blue sky and the yellow. Being very weak in botany, Google helped me to get to know about these plants. They are Rapeseed oil plants, which we call it commonly as Mustard back in India.
After roaming around the Mustard plants and taking some photos, we were back on the road, singing along the song “Country road, take me home”, adding our own customized lyrics.


  1. WOW! What vibrant yellow! Been a while since I have seen such yellow. Last I saw them was in the plains of MP, Punjab and Himachal. it is a pretty common sight during the winter months, but very pretty.
    The special thing about your shots is that the day is bright, which is unlike the case in India when winter days are foggy and murky.

    1. Thanks! I haven’t seen any mustard fields in India. 
      Reason behind clear, bright images is because this was shot here in Summer, which is almost same as Indian winter in terms of temperature range.

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