Coorg in Summer

coorgsummer01 coorgsummer01 PAYANIGA

April, days were getting hotter and hotter. And I needed a break from the routine and hectic days at office. After flipping through quite a travel blogs and sites, settled to the close by Coorg. Last time I was in Coorg, it was pouring in October. All hopes for a cooler stay at Coorg was thwarted and the day was nothing better than one in Bangalore.

After a day’s driving around we reached our homestay & the magic of Coorg opened up as the Sun went down. What started as a cool evening breeze, night went on to get more chillier. Soon thunder and lightening took over and the sky opened up. Heavy rain through out the night meant a completely different beautiful morning on a summer in Coorg. Homestay we stayed is on a hilltop and provided a breathtaking view in the morning – fog covered all over the hill range. The thin white layer of mist cleared gradually as the Sun came up, only to leave us to cool day ahead.

coorgsummer02 coorgsummer02 PAYANIGA

coorgsummer03 coorgsummer03 PAYANIGA

coorgsummer04 coorgsummer04 PAYANIGA

coorgsummer05 coorgsummer05 PAYANIGA


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