From a town called Swindon

From a town called Swindon

Swindon, that’s where I am now for the past 2 plus weeks and will be my home for the next couple of months. I’m slowly settling down to the new climate and the new place. Till that time few photos which I clicked while roaming in the town.

From a town called Swindon

Climate has improved drastically since last two weeks. Winter is gone and Spring is springing. Less of cloudy days and more clear skies. And it’s a good sign for me.

From a town called Swindon

I’m trying to explore the country as much as possible during my short stay over here. If you have any recommendations, please drop a line.


  1. I thought the name meant UK. I can’t figure out why it rings a bell. Which is the well know place nearby?

  2. Never heard of this place but I am sure it would be fun exploring anything which is not very commonly known. Being near to Bristol, I hope you can make there too.

    Too high ambitions, eh?

  3. @Mridula, It's on the way to Bath & Bristol from London (while travelling by train).

    @Subbu, @Aravind thanks for the visit.

    @Rajesh thats for sure 🙂

    @Cuckoo can't help it 😀

  4. Chemtrails in some of your pics. They are just everywhere. All over in the U.S.A. Poison to people, animals and nature. Clouds of secrecy….bio-warfare secrets. Be informed….investigate for yourself and discern “Chemtrails.”

  5. Make sure you visit Scotland atleast once. It’s the most beautiful place on earth in the Summer, especially.


  6. Have a wonderful time. I’ll be coming all the time to check on your pictures, and to read of your experiences.

  7. lovely photos and post enjoy and explore payaniga ninna samaya poorthi sadupayoga madi have a great time at work and at pleasure in exploring. you travel and report we read and be part of it .have a wonderful time dear PM.


  8. @anonymous, Chemtrails, yes. There is a air field close by. I get to see them almost every 10 mins.

    @Sandeep, Scotland, yes.

    @Shashikiran, @Vamsee, @Pranesh sir thanks.

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