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PAYANIGA » Random PhotosIt’s been a busy days for the past few weeks. That means less time to write. For the time being here are some random photos from my trips in year 2008. Above one was taken near Somanathapura.

PAYANIGA » Random PhotosRail tracks near Mandya, en route Melkote.

PAYANIGA » Random PhotosYoga Narasimhaswamy temple at Melkote.

PAYANIGA » Random PhotosA kid I met at Kaidala, the birth place of Jakanachari, the main architect of Hoysala temples.


  1. brought back some nice memories of our trips to melkote. thnx for the pictures.

    I vivdly remember this railway track and the temple pillar. have u been there early morning for sunrise? its a gr8 view from the ponds

  2. @Sandeep, thanks for the visit. Nope, earliest was around 9 in hte morning. May be it would be better to stay overnight to enjoy the place early morning.

    @Vamsee, thanks for the comment.

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