I Was Here: Achchalu Betta

I Was Here: Achchalu Betta

When you travel south of Bangalore on Kanakapura road for 40 odd kilometers, you get to see plenty of small hillocks scattered all over. I went on a day trip way back in 2007 to one such hillock, which is around 15 KMs after Kanakapura. Achchalu Betta, is right next to a small village of the same name.

There are a countless number of hillocks in all the directions from Bengaluru that are one to two hours journey. To name a few: Kabbal Durga on kanakapura road, Hemagiri betta and Kumbhi betta near Huliyur durga, Huttari durga, Savanadurga and Kalya betta near Magadi, Ramadevara betta and Nijagal betta on Tumkur road, Kunti betta near Pandavapura – and the list goes on and on and on… 🙂


  1. Hello Prashanth,
    Do you have any information about Kumbhi betta as I am writing an article on the place.

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