I Was Here: Karwar beach

I Was Here: Karwar beach

One of the totally unplanned trip I took was a road trip to Goa from Bangalore. With five days to spare, plan we had was to reach Goa, stay there for a night and head back to Bangalore. Apart from driving to Goa and back, nothing else was planned. We didn’t bother to book accommodation for any of the days and no fixed route & places. Everything was decided and sorted out on the fly. We visited Gudavi bird sanctuary on the way, roamed around the streets of Sirsi and narrowly missed visiting Magodu falls. And then on the third morning, we decided to reach Goa by evening.

As unplanned as it could get, we got delayed and we were still near Karwar when Sun was going down. We thought to stop for few minutes at the Karwar beach, before we head up north. But that few minutes became more than an hour beyond sunset. The beach was deserted. While my friend went a few steps ahead into the waves to capture some photos. I settled down a few yards where the waves couldn’t reach me, and started playing my favorite pastime of watching the endless waves. Now that we were delayed, we called it a day at Karwar and Goa had to wait for another day. A totally unplanned, but a trip I thoroughly enjoyed.


  1. This happens to me all the time on road trips…I take diversions and that becomes the focal part of the trip 🙂
    Btw lovely shot…

  2. That is the trip I need to take, unplanned and full of thrills. It is not the destination that matters, the ride is what makes the travel joyful. Awesome bro.

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