1. Mallalli falls is a real majestic wonder. We were there at a perfect time to witness it. Nice reflection of the situation thru the snaps sir.

  2. our trips to school about (10 kms )and back during the peak of monsoon reminded me of your roamings in the rain struck mountains.
    Not that one can compare the two.
    But I felt thrilled with that itself.

  3. Superup pics dude. From my home it is just 5-6 kms. Awesome place for week end trip. Many people dont know much abt this due to lack of publicity. Stay in Pushpa giri gives you a awesome expirience.
    Let me tell you one thing. Every year (one village from this Hobli) should represent that Hobli in seeking for rain with god. This normally happens during April end or May month. Night we should go and stay in temple (Pushpagiri). Early morning at 4am after performing pooja we should move towards giri(hill). Once we cross 4-5 kms we will get one river. Here we need to take bath. Once getting fresh, we will start towards giri. At the top of the giri, we need to perform pooja (seeking for good rain ) and we should start searching for a specific stone available around temple. If you found that stone, it seems like that you are gifted by god. From this place you can see Kukke Subramanya, even there is a way to reach that place. View from this place is like as though you are standing on top of the world. There is another place which is very very deep. It tries to pull you due to high wind. After having prasadam we will be back to temple and again some poojas will be performed. Awesome exp. Superub for trekking.

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