A day out in the leech territory

A day out in the leech territoryI went to the beautiful Western ghats again. Third time in less than 2 month span. And each time it was a different experience. Earlier two times in Western ghats were during summer. And this time it was mid-monsoon. I got to see leeches for the first time in my life and donated lot of blood to those blood-suckers.

I had been trekking to Kumara Parvatha a.k.a Pushpagiri with four others. And that’s where we encountered these leeches. Bad execution of our trek plan made us to return half way and we were not able to reach the summit :(. But it was an amazing experience trekking in rain, donating our blood. Though we did miss the camping at the summit, we got to see the majestic Mallalli falls the next day instead.

Here is a glimpse of our legs – before, during & after the trek –

A day out in the leech territoryA day out in the leech territoryA day out in the leech territory

Kumara Parvatha, I’ll be back again. Soon, very soon.

And here is the story of the unfinished trek to Kumara Parvatha.


  1. Too bad you had to abandon the trek, but walking in the rain is a lot of fun. Yuck about the leeches, hated looking at it and its handiwork!

  2. The pictures!!!Hahahaha… it was such a wonderful experience… Man…we came back alive…be proud of the fact!

  3. read the full report in srik’s blog wonderful and you guys are really enjoying and adventurous. leaches and all can not do anything as you are much more determined to face them.
    munduvarisi nimma i payana
    tarali nimagella anubhavagala rasa male
    namege nidi nivu barahada chitragala rasadauthana

    looking forward for more interesting and adventurous write up and amazing photos


  4. I had been to Kumara Parvata in April. What an amazing experience it was…. Even we had encountered millions of leaches coz of 20 days of rain in Western ghats during mid March. But still we could reach the top.
    Here is my experience…..

    Do visit


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