Paragliding at Solang Valley

The original plan was to drive all the way up to Rohtang La, spend a couple of hours and then head back to Manali by evening. As it happens most of the times, we got delayed at the start and had to cancel the visit to Rohtang La. Without much choices with us, it was decided to stop at Solang valley, take in the views and head back. Though I missed views of Rohtang, the ride up the ropeway at Solang, watching the para-gliders and beautiful views of the Himachal landscape was worth the time spent there. Here are some of the clicks taken during my short visit to Solang valley.

Paragliding at Solang Valley

Paragliding at Solang Valley

payaniga solang3 payaniga solang3 PAYANIGA

payaniga solang4 payaniga solang4 PAYANIGA

payaniga solang5 payaniga solang5 PAYANIGA


  1. I have recently heard from my friend who went there for the paragliding, he said there had many concerns over safety there. Did you have any similar experience?

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