Ride and Trek to Shivagange

Ride and Trek to Shivagange

Last weekend I had been to Shivagange, which is around 60KMs from Bangalore. Started from Bangalore at around 7 AM on Saturday in two bikes – myself and my colleague Vineet. There are two ways to reach the place from Bangalore. Till Nelamangala (28 KMs from B’lore) is common for both routes.

  • Route 1: Take a left turn to NH48, (which goes to Mangalore). Travel till Gudemarana halli(16 KMs from Nelamangala). Take a right turn, travel for 15 KMs to reach Shivagange.
  • Route 2: Instead of taking left near Nelamangala, go straight on NH4 till Dabaspet (20KMs from Nelamangala). Take left turn and travel for 6 KMs to reach Shivagange.

We took the second route and our own time to reach the place. We stopped for ‘n’ number of times for photo sessions. And a breakfast stop at Dabaspet. Reached the place around 9.15AM. The distance to be covered to reach the top is approximately 4.5 KMs (according to the locals!). Started our hike slowly and steadily, taking lot of breaks since we had whole day for us.

Ride and Trek to Shivagange

We managed to reach the top by exact noon. Spent some time over there and also visited the spot ‘Shantala Drop’ – a suicide point similar to the Tippu drop in Nandi hills. Queen Shantala, wife of Hoysala King Vishnuvardhana committed suicide here. The drop is more than 500 ft. When we reached the place, we were the only visitors except for the ‘pujari’ of the temple and herd of monkeys. One thing we need to be careful is Monkeys. If you are not carrying any stick/staff to scare the monkeys, then be ready to get attacked by the monkeys. They not only snatch any bags/carry bags from you, but also check your pockets for any eatables. We started the climbing down by 12.30 since the monkeys outnumbered us by more than 1:50 and managed to reach the base in an hour.

On our way back, instead of returning to Bangalore, we went my hometown – Kunigal. We reached Kunigal by 4PM and after a quick nap enjoyed the Portugal-Iran football match.

  • Route travelled: Bangalore – Nelamangala – Dabaspet – Shivagange – Kudur – Kunigal
  • Total distance covered: 85 KMs bike and 5 KMs of trek

Ride and Trek to Shivagange

End of the day, a satisfied rider-trekker after a short ride and trek, munching mom-made snacks watching a football match.

About Shivagange:

Shivagange, a hillock of more than 1000 ft got its name because of the holy shrine of “Lord Shiva”. There are numerous temples of Shiva, Parvathi and Ganga in the hillock. This place is also called as “Dakshina Kashi” – Kaashi/Varanasi of South India. One strange happening here in Shivagange is, if you do an ‘abhisheka’ of ‘ghee’ in the temple, the same ghee turns in to ‘butter’. — No, I’m not kidding. I know few people who have witnessed the same. Hence it is compared with holy shrine Kashi.

Places of interest at Shivagange

  • Pathala gange -a a belowground spring, where water level goes down during rainy season and increases during summer!!
  • Olakal teertha
  • Nandi on top of the hill
  • Shantala drop
  • Veerabhadreshwara temple


  1. What a way to spend a weekend. The pictures are lovely and I know the feeling of being just with ‘pujari’ and monkeys. Me, very scared of monkeys.

  2. Some history of the place is to be given. To which dynasty it belonged at different times,etc..

  3. Nice review snehitha ,,,, how s this place for a couple on a weekday .. m plaaning to go tomorrow. Please let me know ,,,

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