Ride to Deepambudhi Lake

Deepambudhi Lake

Saturday morning 8.30 AM. I was on my bike heading towards my home, Kunigal. An usual short ride of 75-80KMs one way on weekends. I was bored of same old NH4 (Tumkur road) and NH48 (B’lore-M’lore road). So I decided to travel a bit extra via Magadi and cover a place ‘Deepambudhi Lake’.

About Deepambudhi lake:

Deepambudhi lake was built by Kempegowda, the founder of Bangalore city and named after his wife. It is situated between Magadi (birthplace of Kempegowda) and Huliyurdurga. It is approximately 25Kms from Magadi and 5KMs from Huliyurdurga. I lived in Huliyurdurga for almost 10 years, but that was long ago – 80s and early 90s. The lake was usual picnic spot for us, family and friends during that time. Surrounded by thick forest, flush green, ample water. And also a small temple of goddess Kaali.


Since it was weekend, reached Magadi road junction and was riding toward Magadi in less than 15 mins. I decided to go slow and brought down my speed to 40-50 range. Road condition is good, with rare potholes till Tavarekere. From there its great. Once I crossed Tavarekere, it was almost like I’m in a ‘Ghat section’. Wonderful twisties for almost a stretch of 10-15 Kms, it was fun riding there.

First pit-stop was at the entrance of Tippagondanahalli dam. One can see majestic Savanadurga from there. Clicked some snaps and continued. Climate was awesome and pleasant to ride. Took my own time to reach Magadi. To reach the lake, one has to cross the city. Just after the city, a road deviates which takes one to Kunigal. Go straight ahead towards Huliyurdurga. Traffic between B’lore and Magadi is moderate – few four wheeler and many two wheeler. After Magadi, you are the King of the road – one or two vehicles max every 10-15 mins. Road condition varies from average to good to great, with trees lined up either side for the whole stretch.

PAYANIGA » Ride to Deepambudhi Lake

PAYANIGA » Ride to Deepambudhi Lake

Unlike urban/cities, Life moves very slowly in rural places. Adjusted myself to the slow pace. Reached Deepambudhi lake at around 11.30 AM, and was disappointed at the state of the place. In the name of development and improvement, they have started constructing some convention hall type beside the temple. And lot very less trees and green. Spent almost an hour – clicking, sitting, just savoring nature just sitting on the tank-bund.

Ruined valve used to control outflow of water

PAYANIGA » Ride to Deepambudhi Lake

PAYANIGA » Ride to Deepambudhi Lake

I wanted to sit there for some more time. But my stomach started grumbling and the 2 dosas that I had in the morning were digested long back. I headed towards Kunigal, about 25 KMs from the lake. Reached home, had a nice lunch and zzzz.

I want to go there again. Not just for the lake, but also for the roads.


  1. very nice indeed…have to go to kanva resv and this place some time. TGH resv must have got some good amount of water with the rains I guess.

  2. Mridula, yes it is 🙂

    Sundar, From far it looked thre’s some good amnt of water. But one need to get permission from Kaveri Bhavan to enter the TGH reservoir.

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