Seven Years of travelling and writing

While I was at yet another futile attempt to finish a long pending draft, I realized that it has been 7 years since I went out on a day ride to Shivanasamudra and the ride experience came out as a first post on Payaniga. The journey of travelling and writing started as I went out on first long ride on my bike with three complete strangers (whom I got to know them from a biking group and unfortunately I never got a chance to meet them again). The travel bug which bit me long ago has taken me to places – made me trek quite a few mountains, took me to less know places, made me travel along unknown terrains, took me back in time while visiting historical place. And more than the places, I got to meet & know lot of amazing people along the way. And more over it has given me a new identity.

PAYANIGA - Landscapes of Narasimha Parvatha

What next?
Though I have been travelling on day trips or weekend trips, writing my experiences has been sporadic and sometime I’ve gone into complete hibernation for long periods. Thanks to my recent job change and other personal priorities, I am stuck & grounded with less time to travel & much less time to write. And I don’t see myself planning any bigger travel plans. But however, I’m hopeful of turning that around and here is my plan of action for next few months –

  • Write more and more frequently. And complete all the pending drafts.
  • Start with a that small project of a series of travel stories which I have in my mind for a long time
  • Explore Karnataka on day trips and weekend getaways as I used to do before.
  • Go on long rides – Cycle more and more
  • Revive the dormant Kannada version of Payaniga.

Here is a big thank you to everyone who has been part of this long journey – all the readers, friends who travelled with me, fellow travellers/travel bloggers who have inspired me and my family who are very supportive of all of my endeavours. Here is to more and more travelling. 🙂

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  1. Rajesh NaikMay 3, 2013

    Implement the ‘Plan of Action’ at the earliest. Good Luck.

    1. PrashanthMay 5, 2013

      Thanks Rajesh! And I’m working on it 🙂

  2. WanderingTasteBudsMay 3, 2013

    Looking forward to the ‘small project of a series of travel stories’

    1. PrashanthMay 5, 2013

      Few more days of waiting for that. Keep a tab here 🙂

  3. mounaMay 5, 2013

    nice nice. it’s been 7 years for me too.
    and the picture is typical kodachadri, especially the grass and the path near the edge.

    1. PrashanthMay 5, 2013

      Congrats to you too Mouna! And yes that’s Kodachadri.

  4. Sreekanth ChakravarthyMay 10, 2013

    Your site is the first place I look for when I think of going out. In fact, even now I came looking for info on places near Davangere. Keep it going Prashanth. I am definitely waiting… And yeah, happy to know that you have a Kannada blog as well.

    1. PrashanthMay 13, 2013

      Thanks Sreekanth for the kind words and encouragement 🙂

  5. desi TravelerMay 31, 2013

    All the best for the next 70 years Prashanth. Keep Traveling, keep writing….

    1. PrashanthJune 3, 2013

      Thanks Prasad 🙂

  6. NishaJune 20, 2013

    Hearty Congratulations to you. Wish you many more years of travel.
    Short & crisp post. 🙂
    How many drafts do you have? I am sure you can’t beat me on that.
    And I have already liked/followed you. 🙂

    1. PrashanthJune 24, 2013

      Thanks Nisha. To answer your question – I’ve around 27 drafts online and another 20 on the notebook pending 🙁

      1. NishaJune 24, 2013

        Just checked mine. I have 299 online (some with only the title) and I don’t think I have the answer for offline ones. 🙂

        1. PrashanthJune 26, 2013

          Whoa!! That’s more than the number of posts that I’ve online. I retreat!!


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