The Performers

Compilation of performers –
PAYANIGA » The PerformersA Bagpiper at The Royal Mile, Edinburgh
PAYANIGA » The PerformersPAYANIGA » The PerformersThe Huckleberries at Bath Spa.Their music is nice, soothing. I had couple of hours’ spare time to catch train. I spent more than half an hour listening to them. They have a website too.
PAYANIGA » The PerformersPAYANIGA » The PerformersIrish folk dancers at Bath SpaA foot-tapping music and equally good dances. The dancers didn’t looked like professionals. But the way they enjoyed & involved in their bits – music, singing and the dance attracted people. I could see almost every spectator foot-tapping to the music.
PAYANIGA » The PerformersA trained daredevil at Bath Spa
Here is a video of a bagpiper, shot at The Royal Mile, Edinburgh. The video is a tad overexposed.
PS: Payaniga completed 3 years of travel writing yesterday. First post was published on Apr 25th 2006. 🙂


  1. congrats on the 3rd bday buddy .. time just flies by .. isn’t it .. i’ve seen such performers too and most of them sound too professionals to be street performers ..

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