Around Udupi: Udyavara Beach

Around Udupi: Udyavara Beach | PAYANIGA

Our second half of the day started after a sumptuous food. And this time we went in search of ‘Udyavara beach’, one more beautiful place suggested by Rajesh Naik. If you have been to Maravathe & like the place, here is the miniature version but more beautiful & pristine of Maravante.

Around Udupi: Udyavara Beach | PAYANIGA

The river

A narrow stretch of land (of about 200-300 meters width) is sandwitched bwtween Arabian sea on the west & a river on east. Starting somewhere near Kaup, the stretch suddenly hits a dead end very close to Malpe, where the river joins the might sea.

Around Udupi: Udyavara Beach | PAYANIGA

The boat & the journey

The place is very close to Udupi & yet less known to the world. Udyavara town is 3 KMs from Udupi & another 3 KMs from there takes you to Pithrodi village. A boatman awaits for people to take them to & fro the main land & the other side. One has to cross the river in a narrow boat which can accomodate 5-6 people.

Around Udupi: Udyavara Beach | PAYANIGA

The boatman

It’s pretty difficult to find a beach in India which is clean & also no one around. But this was an exception. It was clean & untouched, not even foot marks of people. We were there around 3PM, definitely not a suitable time to be at the beach & for photography. But we had no other choice. I want to go there again to witness the Sunset, before the place get stormed by people & turns into just another beach in the world.

Continuing the West coast ride story

Route day two:

Udupi – Malpe – Bengre – Udupi – Udyavara – Kunjarugiri – Pajaka – Kaup – Surthkal

Route day one:

Bangalore – Kunigal – Hassan – BelurYagachi – Chikkamagalur – Balehonnur – Jayapura – SringeriAgumbe – Hebri – Udupi


  1. very nice blog. we had been to udupi recently, but it was more of a pilgrimage , visitng temples. we didnt have time for beaches. We are next planning a vacation simply for liesure and the beaches… thank u for the infore this pristine beach… we will certainly try to add that in our list…

  2. @HN Prashanth, Let me know which one you want, will share them 🙂

    @Anu, thanks for the comment. Do visit the place when you are around Udupi next time.

  3. Wonderful pictures. This summer we had been to NIT-Suratkal. They have a beautiful beach. One of these days we will go back with the kids and enjoy the beaches.

  4. Very nice pictures and informations. People should visit this type of unpoluted beaches. The Udyavar punchayat should try to develop the beach by providing Boats to cross the river to go to the sea shore. Tourism also enhance the revenue to the punchayat as well as local people. Thanks for the information.

  5. Thanks for the effort. I am basically from udyavara Now settled in bangalore. If any boday need any information about udyavara they can contact me

    1. We got lucky when we visited the place. There was a boatman who was ready to take us to the beach. I’ve heard that you can go to the beach via road too, but a longer distance.

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