In and Around Udupi

Continuing the West coast ride story

In and Around Udupi | PAYANIGADay two started slowly and the day started at 7AM, still early on a Sunday morning :). On second day we travelled less in terms of distance but managed to visit quite a few places. It was more of chicken run – run here & there visit a place & next moment back to square one. Our first visit was to Udupi Sri Krishna temple. The temple was not much crowded. We roamed around the premises. From there we headed towards Malpe beach.

In and Around Udupi | PAYANIGAIn and Around Udupi | PAYANIGABefore going to the beach, we paid a quick visit to Malpe port. It was a busy time at hte port. Lots of boats coming in with loads of freshly caught fishes. We had to leave early as the smell was unbearable. From there we hit the beach. Sat on the beach for few moments, looking at the endless number of waves. And the brought down the bike onto the beach. Getting onto the beach was easy, but pulling it back on road was the big problem. We went on and on in the lonely beach for few KMs. And then we managed to pull our bikes back on the road with the help of locals.

In and Around Udupi | PAYANIGAA morning walk
In and Around Udupi | PAYANIGAFisherman at work
As per recommendation from Rajesh Naik, from Malpe we went in search of a less known place called Bengre. Bengre in Tulu (a dialect of Kannada language) means the place where river joins the sea. It was not so difficult to find the place. It was a great sight watching the slowly getting into the sea. We could even make out the difference in color of the water. I sat there on the beach mesmerized while Srik played in water. We returned from the place reluctantly as the Sun was going up every minute & we were getting late for the wedding.

In and Around Udupi | PAYANIGAReady for a swim 🙂
Route day two:

Udupi – Malpe – Bengre – Udupi – Udyavara – Kunjarugiri – Pajaka – Kaup – Surthkal

Route taken on day one:

Bangalore – Kunigal – Hassan – BelurYagachi – Chikkamagalur – Balehonnur – Jayapura – SringeriAgumbe – Hebri – Udupi


  1. I have just one question..
    How are your photographs so superb (better than srik’s)?
    I have fallen in love with these pictures.

  2. @anon, photos from me were taken using a camera & Srik’s were from his mobile.

    @Lakshman, sure will let you know.

    @Lakshmi, thanks & let me know when you plan to go that side.

    @Srik, thanks 🙂

    @Rajesh, the credit goes to you – for informing about the place 🙂

  3. @Manasa, From Malpe its just 5-6KMs

    @Gowtham, thanks for the visit & comment

    @Mridula, thanks 🙂

  4. Being a native of Udupi, I have never see malpe beach so beautiful. Thanks for the beautiful pictures. Which camera did you use?

    Also there is another place nearby called kaapu (light house) which is again a great place for a picnic.

  5. A house boat was introduced in Malpe recently-did u explore that?

    Happy that you had good time in my home district.

    Adding you to my blogroll.

  6. @perplexed & @veeran, thanks 🙂

    @JDB, welcome & thanks. I've Nikon D70s. And yes Kaapu – was running short of time & decided to skip the place 🙁

    @Shrinidhi, thanks for the comment & blogroll. I didn't tryout house-boat, will explore next time 🙂

    Didn't know that you were from that part of Karnataka.

  7. Hey superb….i never thot there is such a website…u have done a greattttt job…thanx for the beautiful photographs…

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