Around Udupi: Kunjarugiri & Pajaka

Around Udupi: Kunjarugiri & Pajaka | PAYANIGAFrom Udyavara we headed towards our next destination – Kunjarugiri, a hillock (giri = hill, mountain) with temple of Goddess Durga atop. One can reach the top either by steps (a hundred or so) or by road. Though we wanted to climb the hills, we didn’t want to risk our luggage on the bikes with so many monkeys around. There were so many monkeys near the temple, I stood gaurd near our bikes while Srik went inside the temple. And later we switched. To the west of Kunjarugiri, there is another smaller hillock. And there is a temple of Parashurama.

Around Udupi: Kunjarugiri & Pajaka | PAYANIGAFrom there we visited Pajaka, the birth place of Sri Madhvacharya, the founder of the Dvaita school of philosophy. He is the one who installed the deity of Sri Krishna at Udupi. A priest volunteered and took us on a guided tour. It is said that Sri Madhvacharya used to visit the Durga temple everyday & worshipped the goddess. Listening to the stories and the legends, took me to my childhood days of reading books and comics. And how we tried enact or immitate the mythological heroes.

Around Udupi: Kunjarugiri & Pajaka | PAYANIGAAfter traveling 500+KMs in todays and visiting many places, we were tired. We reached Srikanth’s Aunt’s house in Surtakal. Before calling it a day, we met another fellow blogger Venu Vinod. At the end of day two, our trip meter read 540 KMs & distance for the day 100KMs.

Day Two:

Udupi – Malpe – Bengre – Udupi – Udyavara – Kunjarugiri – Pajaka – Kaup – Surthkal

Day One:

Bangalore – Kunigal – Hassan – BelurYagachi – Chikkamagalur – Balehonnur – Jayapura – SringeriAgumbe – Hebri – Udupi


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