Back on the saddles

Back on the saddles | PAYANIGAIt’s been a long while since I rode out of town on a long ride. It’s time to hit the road. Last time it was a two day ride to Madikeri.

Now I’m heading west, towards Mangalore. I’ve four days in hand and a wedding to attend on Sunday. The plan is wide open. As of now probably it’s going to be riding around Udupi, Mangalore & if possible Kasaragod. And looks like I’ll be taking the same route which we took while riding to Goa 15 months ago.

Also on the agenda is to meet couple of bloggers and one of them is a travel blogger.

Previous bike rides:


  1. Where are the pics and the writeup of the ride man? Good that you finally came out girly things that you’ve been doing 😛 and started riding like a man again 😛

    PS: Iam going on same route next weekend, will send you mail about details, need info on road conditions.

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