Biking around Jog falls

We were tired. Trek of 25KMs in two days. Just when we were about to call it a day, Bharath (my sister-in-law’s brother) asked whether we want join him to the nearby temple. We were about to say no, but changed our minds as the temple is inside the power generation plant in Jog. Access to that place is restricted and is allowed only for local people. It was half an hour’s drive to the temple along almost deserted twisty roads. View along was amazing. Roamed around the temple which was getting ready for a function next day. Reached home by 8PM. Dinner and soon we surrendered to sleep.

Next day started early and we were ready for the long day. My sister-in-law’s house is amidst fields and we roamed for an hour enjoying nature. And then went for a walk, eating mouthful of jamoon fruit (plums). Then a quick bath, breakfast, a visit to near by friend’s house (my colleague Pradeep’s house). Pradeep’s brother Prashanth (a namesake 🙂 was expecting us. A cup of tea and we started towards Jog falls on bikes. Prashanth & Srikanth on Prashanth’s bike and me on Mahaveer’s bike (My SIL’s younger brother).

Bird’s eye view – at top of Jog fallsTaking lots of stops for photos sessions, we reached Jog falls. We had plans of first going to the top of the falls and also to the foot. Standing at the top of the falls and looking down 900 ft was making me dizzy. It was a mesmerizing view from there. People playing in water down below were smaller than ants. We spent a good hour their enjoying the view. And then back on steeds, riding towards the other end to trek down to the foot of the falls. After parking our bikes we started trekking down on a hot summer noon. 40 minutes, we were down at the bottom. There is a huge difference in looking down from top of the falls and looking up from the bottom. The latter one makes you humble and gives an inferiority complex of good-for-nothing-human-being, which is true. But both views are amazing. We sat there silently facing the drizzles from the falls. And moved our position under the falls 🙂

    After a refreshing bath and an hour’s exhausting climb, we emptied two tumblers of masala sodas each. Rode back home & reached by 4PM. After a heavy lunch, we got readied for our return journey. Got into a bus which took us to Shimogga from Kargal via Sagar. We waited for almost for an hour in Shimogga for the bus as it was completely crowded. Finally got into a Bangalore bound KSRTC bus. Around 3.45 in the morning I got down at Tumkur while Srik continued to Bangalore. After waiting for an hour and donating half liter of blood to mosquitoes, I flagged down a truck. Hitched ride till Kunigal to reach home by 6AM.

So that was the end of a long weekend. Let me take a break and come back with more travel stories. Till then enjoy the rains with a cup of coffee 🙂


  1. superb pictures. And thanks for the story. I was lazy to compile it myself, so was waiting for you to do it 😉

  2. Hey, there is no mention about the pranksters at IduvaNi, I mean Unnathi, Chukki and Arihanth…

    Oh! Lovely kids they are! Prachandaru!!

    Also, we had a good sight of peacocks in the paddy fields of Iduvani, just in front of the house we stayed. In fact, it were the screams of a lovely peacock that woke us up that day!

  3. Oh well, you guys are just making me jealous…..

    Godly!!! What more can I say….

  4. good end to the series..

    when the next one…i mean, your account of himvad gopalaswamy trip…

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