A dip in Dabbe falls

Beginning of the story – Beginning & Bheemeshwara

A dip in Dabbe falls

By the time we reached Dabbe mane (Dabbe house), all of us were exhausted, completely drenched with sweat. All we wanted was to just sit under the waterfalls. After a quick break at the Dabbe mane, we started towards the falls. A short walk through paddy fields for 200–300 meters, we were standing on a cliff and there is no way to continue. It was as if we had missed the route and there was no path ahead. At that time Nayana started climbing down the cliff using tree trunks, branches & roots for grip. And I was informed that that’s the only way to reach Dabbe falls. The real adventure started for us, climbing down a cliff of almost 80 degrees steep, down 300 ft. We moved slowly one behind the other for almost half an hour without sight of the waterfalls and just roaring sound reaching us from somewhere far. En route, there was a huge-fallen tree almost 100 meters long. Walking on the big tree trunk was like cruising on a NH, we moved faster during that stretch. We were halfway down, and we sighted the majestic Dabbe falls, with water falling from a height of 300ft. It took us an hour to reach the foot of the falls from Dabbe mane.

A dip in Dabbe falls

A dip in Dabbe falls

Without any delay, we jumped into the water while Umapathi got busy preparing lunch for us. We sat under the falls and played on the water for an hour. Came out of the water refreshed and hungry. Delicious pulav was waiting for us. Lunch & a short break/nap. We were back on the track by 1.45PM. Climbing up the cliff was easier, but progress was slow. Reason heavy stomach, tired legs, sleepy eyes. We climbed, lugging our backpacks. Took us just 40 minutes to be back at Dabbe mane.

By the time we reached Dabbe house, we had another bath with sweat. And from then onwards the race began, us and the time. The last bus from the main road, Hosagadde to Kargal was at 3.45PM. Missing that bus meant complete change of plans in return journey. By camera went inside my backpack as there was no time to stop and to take picture. We dragged our legs as fast as possible. We walked through grass lands, paddy fields, along small canals, through sholas. With just stopping for water at a village, we reached Hosagadde in time. Within 2 minutes, the bus came honking down the road.

A dip in Dabbe falls

Bus was almost empty, and we could have got seats also. But we needed fresh air and chose bus top instead. Hosagadde to Kargal was a breeze. At Kargal, Srik and I got down as we had a day off next day and plans of roaming around Jog falls. While rest of the gang continued to Sagara and then to Bangalore, we both reached my relatives’ house near Kargal by 5.30.


  1. the first photo is awful. Some fatties and semi nude disgusting photo on public blog? shame!

  2. first photo is good as i can imagine the sheer joy of sitting there and relaxing and feeling the water. good one.
    does the series continue…or this one is the last part?

  3. @Random-visitor, what can you expect in post on a waterfalls? the falls & people under it right? 😛

    ps: viewing & reading the blog at visitors discretion

    @Cuckoo, can’t help it. and thanks

    @Rajesh, thanks. One last post in the series is due.

  4. Thats a nice recount.

    Trek from Dabbe to Hosagadde was remarkable, in deed… like “water water everywhere…not a drop to drink”, we had trees everywhere, but not around the road we had to trek… It was sunny and humid. Sweatting like anything, we had to virtually run towards the main road. People there would say It is just another 10 mins trek, but we took 30 minutes for the same distance!

    Great memories.

    Series is not yet over, we had another day out, around Jog falls. This included a car journey, bike ride on the curvy Jog road, Mungaru maLe styled video shoot…trek down the majestic Jog falls and a bath under the almost dried rorer stream there. And Most importantly the hospitable treatment we received at Prashanth’s relatives’ place.

    Prashanth, dont delay anymore in posting it yar.

  5. Good to see that you could get into water. I went during peak monsoon and could only see the falls from a platform…. could not climb down the last 50ft.

  6. guruve,

    Let me tell you that the first photo is the best of the lot. Look at the sheer joy on the faces. I can imagine how wonderful it must be to just jump in there (almost naked….oooops). Nothing better than enjoying Nature’s pristine beauty.

    As they say, a picture is equal to a hundred words…The pics are so damn good. Man, I seriosuly do miss India, and just backpacking there…

    Oh well, on a happier note, I did hike up Bassi Falls a few hours from home here…so it’s all good 🙂

  7. Do visit Jog in Summer and Dabbe would be great just after monsson 🙂

    DS, thanks for dropping by sir.

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