Halgodu to Dabbe mane

Beginning of the story – Beginning & Bheemeshwara

Sunrise at Sharavathi valleySunrise at Halgodu
The day at Halgodu village started at 6 in the morning. I finished my daily morning chores quickly and went for a short walk with camera, while rest of the gang were getting ready. Sun God was rising slowly behind the mountains. Few clicks, a walk for about half an hour and returned to pack my backpack. By that time breakfast & tea was waiting. After breakfast, we had a photo session with our hosts. We thanked them for their help and started towards Dabbe falls. Till the Dabbe mane (house) it was a walk on an almost flat track, the path changing from a mud jeep track to a tarmac road, then into the jungle walking one behind the other and finally twisty jeep track which was going up and down through the jungle.

Walk till the Dabbe mane (Dabbe house) was pleasant and we enjoyed every minute of the trek. I’m not gonna bore you with my narration & let the photos speak instead 🙂

DSC 2203 DSC 2203 PAYANIGAThick forest just behind the house
DSC 2220 DSC 2220 PAYANIGAThe group with hosts
DSC 2225 DSC 2225 PAYANIGA DSC 2238 DSC 2238 PAYANIGAAlong the muddy track, through thick forestDSC 2230 DSC 2230 PAYANIGAGanesh posing on the empty road.
DSC 2242 DSC 2242 PAYANIGAFirst break for the day after a long walk .
DSC 2244 DSC 2244 PAYANIGABreak #2 – at a small stream en route.
DSC 2252 DSC 2252 PAYANIGA DSC 2268 DSC 2268 PAYANIGAAlong the twisty road, we are almost there. Finally there it is, the Dabbe house.

After 3 hours of trekking up & down, up & down we reached Dabbe mane (Dabbe house) by 11AM.


  1. prashanth
    great photos with a detailed writeup wonderful and I envy you any how how long this will go on ?? enjoy enjoy and enjoy and continue to treat us with nice phots and wonderful experiences.
    shubhaavagali vandanegalu


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