Blackbucks of Maidanahalli

From my long list of places-to-visit list, I managed to tick one more place. The blackbucks reserve in Maidanahalli in Tumkur district (official name: Jayamangali Blackbucks Reserve) was in my list for a long time. With close to 800 acres of grasslands, Maidanahalli in Madhugiri taluk is the second largest Blackbucks (Indian Antelopes / Antelope cervicapra / Krishna Mriga) reserve in terms of population (after Ranebennur Blackbucks reserve).

I was following the directions which I had noted down from the internet. But even after the confirmation on the directions to the reserve from the local people, I was bit skeptical. There was no signs of any grasslands. Just couple of kilometers from the reserve the open fields appeared out of no-where. It’s just plain fields out there – till as far as you can see. The reserve is open to everyone with no clear-cut boundaries or fence to protect the Antelopes. That means along with the reserve its also grazing area for the cattle. Absolutely no protection to this provincial animal of India.

How to reach:
Bangalore – Tumkur – Koratagere – Madhugiri – take Hindupur road – Puruavara (10Kms from Madhugiri) – turn left on ID Halli road – turn right (after 8 KMs) where the board says ‘Jayamangali Blackbucks Reserve’.

Alternatively, turn right at Dabaspet, take Koratagere road. This would bypass Tumkur, but be prepared for bad roads. As a consolation, you would get to enjoy the tatte idly though.


  1. Shrinidhi HandeDecember 27, 2010

    I’ve been till Madhugiri… Just thinking if this place+ pavagadha fort can make a good one day trip

  2. PrashanthDecember 27, 2010

    Yes Srinidhi. Maidanahalli & Pavagada fort are easily doable in one day from Bangalore.

  3. Sankara Subramanian CDecember 29, 2010

    Awesome! It is very nice to know that blackbucks exist in Karnataka. It must have been a brilliant sight to see the adult male with the shining black coat and the ‘V’ for his horns.

    1. Prashanth MDecember 30, 2010

      Absolutely Sankara. watching the adult male leading the pack, and their leaps was an amazing sight.

  4. Sandeep TuppadJanuary 23, 2011

    Good blogs Prashanth. Miss thos old rides.
    Sandeep Tuppad

    1. Prashanth MJanuary 23, 2011

      Yeah, Sandeep… last long ride was long time ago…

  5. travellersApril 12, 2014

    visited the place today as part of a bigger climb via Siddarbetta and Channarayadurga.
    we reached at 2 pm. it was very hot and we did not expect anything. but we saw 10 to 15 black bucks running about on the grasslands. was worth it.
    we found that one can stay in the forest dept rooms by booking at aranya bhavan in Blr. maybe next time. . .


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