Hillocks around Siddarabetta

There is a drawback of being the only one who drive in the family. I am left with no other choice but to be behind the wheel every time there is a family outing. Recently I got a rare chance of not being a driver during a recent weekend trip around Koratagere. I settled in the co-driver’s seat taking in the views around. In case you are not familiar with the landscape around Tumkur and Koratagere, let me try to explain to you. You take a handful of small stones, scatter it randomly around and then maximize them by some thousand times! That’s how you get to see these small hills around the area, of different shapes and sizes. As you traverse through the area, before you pass next to a hill and lose sight of it, appears few more. As I sat there with no obligation to keep my eyes fixed on the road, I managed to click few of these hillocks while on the move. Here are few of share-worthy clicks –


  1. SrikMarch 1, 2015

    Fantastic pics and description of the landscape.

    1. PrashanthMarch 3, 2015

      Thanks Srik 🙂

  2. VissuMay 22, 2015

    Amazing Snapshots,and Very Interesting Article,keep sharing us.

    1. PrashanthMay 24, 2015

      Thanks Vissu.

  3. The UntouristsJune 2, 2015

    beautiful hills…

    1. PrashanthJune 4, 2015

      Thanks Param


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