1. Hey Prashanth, I did not get your mail.. Looks like it has got lost somewhere. Can you resend? arunchs -at- yahoo

  2. hey!

    great pic.

    Love the combo on the header. Awesome.

    BTW which kannada font/font provider is that?

    nanna blog is @

  3. Oh my – that looks like a very dizzy place to stand and look out for. A great shot, anyway!

  4. Hey Guys…cool to see my photos “the originals one sent to prashanth by Usha” moving around like this…never knew i would become so popular…however eager to meet all trekkers and also u can mail me at pramod.k at in.bosch.com or pramod_chinu at yahoo.com My mobile no is 9980531833. Lets all meet together soon

  5. Pradeep from infosys BPO

    Hey guys we are leaving for the Skandagiri, we are very much egar to see the place,Looking at all the snaps of the beautiful palce we are exited to see the place,

    beautifull place

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