Wayanad – Day 3

Journey to Kerala | Day 1 | Day 2 | Day 3 @ Wayanad

We got up a little bit late on Sunday. Got ready and headed towards Meppadi. Our first destination – Chembra peak, which is the highest peak in Wayanad, at 2100m above sea level. Trekking to the top takes 3-5 hours depending on the trekker. We took 4 hours to reach the top, including an hours break for photo-shoot & resting.

Initial 25% of the trek is very steep. And we have to walk through the bushes. Luckily we were there just 2 weeks after the rainy seasons & were spared by leeches. We stopped at half way mark, the Heart shaped lake & spent more than half an hour. It was a very clear sky, with scaattered clouds here & there. Chembra was giving us chance to enjoy the view from up above.

We put on our backpacks and headed towards the top. the fonal stretch of about 20-25% is also bit steep. And we reached the summit around 1PM. We stayed there for almost an hour – Shashank got busy clicking & I took a short nap :D. View from the top was awesome. It was almost 2PM and we were hungry as we had a light breakfast in the morning and few bread slices while trekking.

Descent was very quick we took less than 2 hours to come down. We had a late lunch @ Meppadi and headed towards Soochippara falls. In this place, one has to walk down for a kilometer to reach the falls. Though we were tired, we went down to the falls. Sat there in silence watching the water flowing down. It was a refreshing thing to do, just sit and watch.

From there, returned to our base-camp, Shashi’s place. Packed our luggage, bid Shashi & his family adieu. Caught an overnight Kerala transport bus to Bangalore.

Still there are plenty of places which we didn’t visit like Kuruva dweep, Pakshi patalam, Meenmutty falls. But with a good experienced driver Sathish, we were able to visit lot of places in three days. He knows Wayanad region like back of his hand, he took us through lot of short-cuts which saved us a lot of traveling time. If you happen to visit Wayanad in future & plan to hire a jeep, then let me know Sathish is the best person for that. I can give you his contact details.

Kerala, I’ll be back soon. thats for sure 🙂


  1. SrikFebruary 21, 2007

    Its God’s own country, in deed.
    Its lives as it is in your pictures and words. Thanks for the same 🙂

  2. mridulaFebruary 22, 2007

    Sitting by the water is very soothing indeed. But it should not be freezing as it usually is in the Himalayas.

    Lovely pictures Prashanth.

  3. alexFebruary 22, 2007

    Poignant. 🙂

  4. AnonymousFebruary 22, 2007

    Lovely pictures and nice travel log prashanth, look forward to visit wayanad as early as possible 🙂


  5. Prashanth MFebruary 22, 2007

    Thanks for the comments, Srik.

    Mridula, yes it was wonderful and it wasn’t much cold there. We are very far from Himalayas 🙂

    Thanks for the visit, Alex.

    Usha, I game for another visit to Wayanad. Even Srik is also ready. Ask Dwaraka to get his bike ready ASAP

  6. SigmaFebruary 22, 2007

    The picture of lotus/lily in this post, and in the one before that – they are simply wonderful. I really liked them.

    Somehow many of the other pictures are not visible in my firefox browser. Any idea ?

  7. ArunFebruary 24, 2007

    Nice pix of Chembra and clear blue skies.

    Next year or so, I am thinking of buying an Avenger and do some bike journeys like you 🙂

    From what I have seen there, very unlikely that this trek has leeches, except may be in the first few minutes of trek when you walk through shrubs. Because of direct sunlight, they cant survive in the shola grasslands, but could be found in the shola forst.

  8. Prashanth MMarch 12, 2007

    Thanks Sigma

    Arun, buy one as early as possible. Lets ride together 🙂

  9. NikkyMarch 30, 2007

    Hi Prashanth

    The photos are indeed very good and eye cooling.Am planning to go to wayanad this weekend.

    Any idea of the climate over there this time around


  10. Prashanth MMarch 30, 2007

    Nikky, when we visited Wayanad in December fisrt week, rain had just ended. And was getting hot at that time itself. It will be hot now (beginning of summer), it will get hotter.

  11. swethaApril 16, 2007

    Lovely pictures of the place. we are visiting wayanad in first week of May. I would appreciate if u could give Satish contact details and a good place to stay(Accomodation looks very expensive). Pls mail me the details at swetha2000reddy@gmail.com


  12. AnonymousSeptember 25, 2007

    We, 18 of us would like to visit wayanad on 2nd week of oct. I would appreciate if u could send me Satish contact details and a reasonable place to stay, ASAP, to connect.chumma@gmail.com.

  13. ajayOctober 29, 2007

    hey prashant
    Nice pictures and neat description dude. I enjoyed reading it. You mentioned about this person called sathish….is he still there and how do you know him? I am planning to go to Waynad in Jan 2008.


  14. rajDecember 20, 2007

    hey nice description … feel like going there .. can u give me satish number ASAP .. funylogix@gmail.com

    thanks in advance.

  15. KiranFebruary 29, 2008

    Hey prashanth,

    Nice pics man. I am Kiran from bangalore. My wife and I are planning to go to wayanad in next month. If you could you please give me driver sathish’s number, that will be great.

    Thanks buddy and have great time in exploring.


  16. KiranFebruary 29, 2008

    Hey Prashanth,

    Kindly mail me satish’s number to balaji.kiran@gmail.com.



  17. anilMarch 26, 2008

    kindly mail me satish no at anilkumar.k@ittiam.com…thaks in advance

  18. harishJuly 18, 2008

    Hello prashanth,

    My betallion is planning for a Bike trip to wayanad on this month 26th. I need to clarify few things regarding the same, so could you please drop me your contact number or mail id to my id(haris.thbs@gmail.com).
    your reports of experience are of high importance to me as we have very less time for planning.

    Hope you don’t disappoint me.


  19. AnonymousJuly 28, 2008

    Hi Prashanth,

    Your pictures decided me to go to Wyanand next WE.
    Could you please send me Satish contact number and rates to labeelaboss@hotmail.com?

    Thanks in advance,

  20. AnonymousApril 22, 2009

    Kindly provide me the contact details of satish, I’m planning to visit the place. Thanks in advance. My contact – vikashsaraogi@gmail.com

  21. Anuradha BhadareApril 23, 2012

    Kindly mail me the contact number of driver satish. My e-mail : 


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