Wayanad – Day 1

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We woke up to chirping sound of birds. It was a welcome break from the busy day schedule. Went for a small walk with cameras dangling around our neck. There were plenty of birds around us.


When we came back, Sathish (our jeep driver for the next three days) was waiting for us. We told him all the places that we wish to visit, and he promised us to show maximum number of places with enough time for us to spend in those places.

Wayanad - Day 1 | PAYANIGA

In Wayanad region, all the tourist places are scattered across the district. Hence, one has to travel a lot, it’s more like a chicken run. And a better suited vehicle for that area is a Jeep. Our first stop was Vythiri view point. From Kalpetta town, after 10-12 KMs starts ghat section which takes one to Calicut. The view from this place is awesome. One can see the twisty roads down below & vehicles crawling like ants one behind the other.

Wayanad - Day 1 | PAYANIGA
Wayanad - Day 1 | PAYANIGA

From there we went to Pookoot lake. We decided to walk around the lake instead of boating and spent more than 2 hours. Shashank got busy shooting birds and I took photos of water lilies. From there we started towards Edakkal caves. On the way to Edakkal, we visited Karapuzha dam. It is still under construction. But still there was some water to attract some birds. After a short photoshoot there, we started towards Edakkal.

Wayanad - Day 1 | PAYANIGA

Wayanad - Day 1 | PAYANIGA

Edakkal is the place where prehistoric rock etchings are found on the walls of these caves. The Petroglyphs in Edakkal caves dates back to 1000BC. The caves are somewhere in the middle of the Ambukuthimala. One has to do a bit of hiking to reach the caves. And the Ambukuthimala peak is further high ad steep. Since we were running out of time for the safari in Muthanga wildlife sanctuary, we decided against going to peak & headed towards Muthanga.

Wayanad - Day 1 | PAYANIGA

We reached Muthanga wildlife sanctuary in time for the safari. We dumped our luggage in the wood-house and plunged in to the forest to have look at the wildlife. We spotted plenty of deer, a herd wild boars, and a lone tusker munching supper. We watched him having food for more than 10 minutes. He got bored and went inside. We returned to our rented wood-house. Retired to bed early after a quick dinner. Day was great, I was enjoying every second of it.


  1. Prashanth, lovely pictures. Loved the water lily (or is it lotus?) and how do you guys manage to capture birds?

  2. Hey Prashanth, you seem to be getting inclined to birds. Have you started birding actively in and around Bangalore? You might already know that we have active and well networked birding groups in Bangalore and you could just tag along and learn about them..

    Wayanad is a lovely place. Next time you are there, try making it to Meenmutty falls.

  3. Lovely piece of writing. Pictures are beautiful too.

    Keep us posted day 2 and 3.

    And dont forget the deal!!! 😀

  4. Mridula, thanks. For bird photos I use a telephoto lens.

    Arun, I have started birding very recently, thanks to my cousin Shashank. And yes I’m aware of birding groups in B’lore. Will join you people soon 🙂

    Missed last week’s Bird race 🙁

    Srik, Day 2 & 3 coming soon. And its deal. 🙂

  5. Hi Prashanth,

    Your page on Wayanad was quite nice, informative and helpful. I am looking forward to that experience.I am Sunil from Bangalore. I am planning to visit Wayanad with family this month end. Can you please forward me Satish’s contact number and also some good places to stay.

    Sunil S

  6. Hi Prashanth,

    We are planning to go there in July.Can u tell us is it the right season? Can we go out in rain?

  7. Lovely pics…I had been there recently…but only for two days…I think it will require 4-5 days to check out all the places…Its really a big district.


  8. few months back i took my family to Wayand.. Sun had finally caught up with the paradise, it was hot & dry…To add on the woes, the bamboos flowered (happens once in some 15-20 yrs or more, and all the bambos will die & dry after that) and the entire Muthanga forest was dry & brown 🙁
    Hope to go back soon and find the paradise back, alive

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