Trek de Skandagiri

Here comes the detailed log after the teaser.

Trek de Skandagiri | PAYANIGA

Couple of weeks back, one of my friends Usha had sent me a set of photos of Skandagiri (She got them via mail forwards), which were amazing (selected two of them are here & here). We had no other information than the name of the place and the photos. Google provided a little bit of information about the place, directions & distance. A plan was cooking up for the short trek, and at the same time Kamlesh came up with a plan. So we made it a ride-n-trek day.

Trek de Skandagiri | PAYANIGA

Skandagiri or Kalavarahalli betta is 75 Kms from Bangalore, near Chikkaballapur, a little known place along the Nandi Hills range. The hill is a small one but a steep climb. It took us one and half hours to climb and 45 minutes to come down.

Route: Bangalore – Devanahalli – Chikaballapur – Skandagiri. Take a left turn inside the city, follow the narrow road to reach Papagni Matt which is at the foot of Skandagiri.

Trek de Skandagiri | PAYANIGA

10 bikers on 10 bikes started off at 6 in the morning. Though it was the beginning of summer, it was chilling out there. Stopped just before Chikkaballapur for breakfast & coffee. From there Santosh took the lead as he had already been there. Reached foothill by 9. None of those 8 lazy bums were ready for the trek, just two of us (Srik & I) took off. It was a tiring climb. Reached the summit after a lot of stop-overs on the way. The view from the top was amazing, with 360 degrees of clear sky. Spent a good one-hour top and came down, which took us 45 minutes.

Trek de Skandagiri | PAYANIGA

We were hungry and stopped at a dhabha near Devanahalli. After a quick lunch, Srik and I left early as we had to reach Bangalore early.

Distance (from Bangalore): 75 KMs one way.
Food & Water: Get it at the nearby town Chikkaballapur. Not a drop of drinking water available at the peak.
Camping: Can be done. Plenty of flat ground. (That’s what I’m planning to do next 😉

Will be there again to catch those lovely clouds 🙂


  1. Good and crisp update 🙂

    Water is the only requirement, if u have enough break fast from Chikballapur 🙂

  2. Nice pix and nice blog.

    Bilaady facker! Dare u call ‘8 lazy bums’! We trekked till we found some good place to relax :D. I’m not gonna leave u when we meet 😛 two kicks for sure!

  3. One day trips is what I should also try to specialise in the coming few months. Loved the pictures and I am sure you will enjoy camping there.

  4. This looks very interesting. Beautiful inviting pictures and was it you standing on the pillar?

    I envy you guys, the biker group. 😛

    Looking forward to your camping.

  5. Thanks Srik.

    Kam, lazy bum nahin to phir kya ho tum?! 😉

    Bachodi, nice idea. lets work on it together. Myself & Srik have got a plan still in initial stage. Still refining about it 🙂

    Yes Mridula, one day outings are nice break form daily routine. that too when you don’t get leaves for quite a long days.

  6. Thanks Cuckoo

    Prabul mia, to capture those clouds one need to be there early in the morning. We reached top only by 11.

    Vani, sure. Take the initiative at MB please 🙂

  7. Hi Prashanth,

    Im planning to go to skandagiri this weekend and would like a few details from you . Could you please give me a call / send over your phone number so that i can touch base with you and get a few points clarified ?
    We are going for a night trek to that place and hope to catch the clouds in time early morning 🙂

  8. Your stories of India travel are very interesting. Great job you are doing and thanks a million for the source material.


  9. Hey, that’s useful man. Was planning for this weekend outing and ur blog help me decide to stick on to it. Thanks. It would be more helpful, if u can help us out with the route map from bangalore.

    Nice snaps. Any water falls near by??



  10. I had been there day before yesterday.only 1 suggestion you need to have lot of stamina. Call Madhu (guide) on 9902275009 or 08156314038 he can arrange fire camp and food etc (no drinks).His house is just around 1km from skandagiri betta mail me at for any suggestion.

  11. Thanks Sagya@, guide madhu , made the moon lit trek look very easy.and he is down to earth & reliable.Not all guides are referred +vely in the net.

    But nothing great about the place.
    we were like caught in a cold storm this saturday night & the sun never rose till 8 am next day.
    no good photos above the cloud.Our timing was totally wrong.
    regards, V Balakumaran & Anitha JeevaBharathi

  12. hey.. behind papagni matt there are 2 or 3 hills, which is the one that we have to climb for reaching the temple on top and also to get the cloud veiw

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