Trekking in Sharavathi valley

I am back from an adventurous three day trekking in Sharavathi valley (Western ghats).

  • Around 30 KMs of trek.
  • Three dips in three different water falls on three different days
  • Walking through dense forests of Western ghats
  • Getting addicted to sweetest Sharavathi water
  • Getting to know the loveliest people, their hospitality
  • Balancing on the edges of paddy fields while passing through it
  • Visit to the place where jaggery is manufactured & tasting Sugarcane juice

Trekking in Sharavathi valley

Three days totally cut-off from the external world. No cell-phone signals. Ah! What a bliss! I want to go there again.

PS: Details to follow soon. here


  1. Can you pass the detailed places you visited suring this trip… so that others can plan for the same trip and enjoy ………

  2. Getting detached from the workplace sure sounds fun. And riding on top of a bus looks exciting. I have enjoyed my travel to Morocco because of the culture and the people. Their tradition there is to give guests moroccan mint tea. How about the people in Sharavathi? 🙂

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