Zero Point at Binsar

The most recommended place in the Binsar area is Zero point which is located inside the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary. The view point gives a glimpse of 300 KMs of the mighty Himalayan range. We were in time to see the mountains before clouds blocked the view for us. One need to walk inside the sanctuary for a kilometer & half to reach the point.

Though we didn�t get to see any wild animals, we heard a leopard’s roar couple of times somewhere from deep inside the sanctuary. The wildlife sanctuary is situated around 25KMs north of Almora.

That night we planned to go camping in the mountains. The place zeroed in was couple of kilometers from the resort. Camping in the wild is not new to me as I�ve gone camping few times before. But this time it was different & completely sophisticated. When we reached the camp site, the tents were ready, and so was the camp fire. We sat around the fire on that cold night talking away late in the night with discussion varying from topic to topic. It was pretty cold in the mountains and we had to warm our front and back sides after every few miniutes. After finishing off the dinner & some more talking, we surrendered to the sleep.

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  1. Vishwas KrishnaDecember 3, 2008

    Very beautiful photos. I liked the first one very much.

  2. VamseeDecember 3, 2008

    I love the second picture with the silhouette of the person.
    I need to go back and read your other reports to find out where Binsar is and plan a trip there. That campsite sounds great.

  3. Jungle LodgesDecember 4, 2008

    lovely pics..everytime i see a binsar post, I regret missing the trip

  4. perplexedDecember 4, 2008

    Great pics! as always!! 🙂

  5. Prashanth MDecember 5, 2008

    @Vishwas, thanks.

    @Vamsee, do read previous posts.

    @Lakshmi, do make it to the next trip 🙂

    @perplexed, thanks

  6. CreativityforacauseDecember 12, 2008

    You should be photographer nice photographs

  7. nikhilSeptember 8, 2011

    Binsar always attract most of the tourist from india.  

  8. Hariharan ValadyMarch 22, 2012

    Wonderful pictures…especially the silhouette.

    1. PrashanthMarch 23, 2012

      Thanks Hariharan

  9. karantravellerJuly 13, 2013

    Thanks for sharing your experience. A very informative blog. I too went to Binsar a few time back and fell in love with the place. Here’s a link to my blog with some photos of the place along with recommended places to stay..


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