Crossing the river Tunga

River Tunga. We had to cross the river. And we had three options –

1. By bus over the bridge.
2. Using a hanging bridge which was half a kilometer away.
3. By walk through knee deep water

And we chose the last option.

Place: Hariharapura, 15 KMs from Sringeri in Chikkamagalur district.

People were busy washing their clothes, bathing.

He saw me. Stopped his work for a moment. Smiled at me & continued with his chores.

Crossing the river was quite an adventure. Trying not to get our clothes wet & along with carrying the camera. Though it was knee deep, currents were pretty strong.


  1. DCMApril 17, 2008

    en maga, olle silent movie tara different aagide :). heege hogtaidre, chitragalalle kathe heltiya neenu!

  2. backpakkerApril 18, 2008

    wow..I wish I had seen this post before I went to sringeri…the best spiritual destination I have been to.
    Lovely pics

  3. KadalabalApril 18, 2008

    chitragalle kathe helthira antha correct agid heliddare appa!!! hodi maga hodi maga maja madi maja madi yella mugisi bidi amele ishtella free time sigutto illa.
    nice pictures and to cross the riven in knee deep water will be a real thrill and ofcourse managing your camera that is much tuffer task but u have taken a calculated risk in going with camera and come out successfully
    be care full yar your camera is master piece and you must preserve it safe

  4. CuckooApril 24, 2008

    I liked this post very much specially the crossing part. 😛

    P.S.-I am back from my traveling, have been reading all your posts but couldn’t come & comment.

  5. Prashanth MMay 1, 2008

    Manu 🙂

    Lakshmi, yep Sringeri is a nice place. I was there twice in a month’s span

    Pranesh Sir, thanks

    Cuckoo, welcome back…

  6. koh samuiMay 19, 2008

    Nice Photos:)

  7. ManasaMay 22, 2008

    Govi madyadalli 🙂

  8. Prashanth MMay 28, 2008

    Koh Samui, thanks

    Manasa, small world 🙂

  9. Anuradha ShankarJanuary 10, 2013

    wow! that must have been quite an experience! next time i am in sringeri, should try this out!

    1. PrashanthJanuary 11, 2013

      Yes it was. Try it out. And also plan a visit to Hariharapura mutt. That is where we crossed the river.


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