Kaigal Falls

Kaigal Falls

Just when guilt was creeping inside for not being able to visit a single waterfall this year, Srikanth suggested visiting Kaigal falls, a less known falls in Andhra Pradesh hidden inside Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary. Kaigal falls is also called as ‘Dumukurallu water falls’. Anant also joined for the trip, and we started early in the morning in search of the falls.

We were not aware of the exact location of the waterfalls. Internet said it’s on Kuppam-Palamaner highway. We took off towards Kuppam, assuming that Kaigal is close to that place. We stopped for breakfast over at KGF and upon enquiring we came to know that we were heading in the wrong direction. A short photo-op at Kolar Gold Fields & then we headed towards V. Kota and then to Kaigal.

Kaigal Falls

Kaigal falls (or Dumukurallu falls) is a multi-tiered falls and with the stream forming small falls and ponds. The best time to visit the place is during the monsoon season, since it is a seasonal falls. To our luck it had rained a couple of days before our visit & there was enough water for us to sit under it. The waterfall is approximately 150 KMs. And can be reached in two routes – either via KGF or Kolar. We went there via KGF & came back via Kolar.

How to reach Kaigal Falls:

Bangalore – Kolar – Palamaneru – turn right to Kuppam road 5 KMs before Palamenru – turn left after 23 KMs to mud road – travel for a kilometer by vehicle & then another kilometer by walk to reach the falls.


Bangalore – KGF – V Kota – head towards Palamaner – turn right 28 KMs before Palamenr to the mud road.

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  1. @perplexed, thanks.

    @Manohar, even I was not aware of this falls 🙂

    @Mridula, thanks. wishes to you too, though belated.

  2. Hi,me n my frdz planning 2hit kaigal falls on august 2nd.hav a query.will v be let in coz now d water level must be quite high.is it safe 2visit d cumin weekend?whom do v need2 contact regarding dis?

  3. we planning a trip to kaigal this summer ,Will their be enough water as its summer………Pls suggest.

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