Kaigal Falls

PAYANIGA » Kaigal FallsJust when guilt was creeping inside for not being able to visit a single waterfall this year, Srikanth suggested visiting Kaigal falls, a less known falls in Andhra Pradesh hidden inside Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary. Kaigal falls is also called as ‘Dumukurallu water falls’. Anant also joined for the trip & we started early in th morning in search of the falls.

We were not aware of the exact location of hte waterfalls. Internet said it’s on Kuppam-Palamaner highway. We took off towards Kuppam, assuming that Kaigal is close to that place. We stopeed for breakfast over at KGF & upon enquiring we came to know that we were heading in wrong direction. A short photo-op at Kolar Gold Fields & then we headed towards V. Kota & then to Kaigal.

PAYANIGA » Kaigal FallsKaigal falls (or Dumukurallu falls) is a multi-tiered falls & with the stream forming small falls & ponds. The best time to visit the place is monsoon & post-monsoon, as it’s a season falls. To our luck it had rained couple of days before our visit & there was enough water for us to sit under it. The falls is approximately 150 KMs. And can be reached in two routes – either via KGF or Kolar. We went there via KGF & came back via Kolar.

How to reach:

Bangalore – Kolar – Palamaneru – turn right to Kuppam road 5 KMs before Palamenru – turn left after 23 KMs to mud road – travel for a kilometer by vehicle & then another kilometer by walk to reach the falls.


Bangalore – KGF – V Kota – head towards Palamaner – turn right 28 KMs before Palamenr to the mud road.

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  1. @perplexed, thanks.

    @Manohar, even I was not aware of this falls 🙂

    @Mridula, thanks. wishes to you too, though belated.

  2. Hi,me n my frdz planning 2hit kaigal falls on august 2nd.hav a query.will v be let in coz now d water level must be quite high.is it safe 2visit d cumin weekend?whom do v need2 contact regarding dis?

  3. we planning a trip to kaigal this summer ,Will their be enough water as its summer………Pls suggest.

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