Kuduremukha: Somavathi falls

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Kuduremukha: Somavathi falls

Somavathi falls is a very small but dangerous waterfall near Mullodi village. The waterfall is not more than 8 or 10ft height but very slippery. Each one of us who got under the water slipped at least once. Though it was fun, one fell down and gave back a piece of his teeth to the nature. We sat down under the water slipping & sliding, waiting for turns while others were slipping & sliding.

Kuduremukha: Somavathi falls

A late lunch of chapathis & teplas after a refreshing bath. And then we spent a quality time listening to gurgling water, bird songs (especially the long whistle of Malabar Whistling-thrush. We came back refreshed & recharged to Sathish’s house (home-stay) where we stayed for the night. We played disk throwing & cricket till it got dark. And then it was a round of leg-pulling & general chit-chat. After a nice dinner, we slipped into our sleeping bags & a sound sleep.

Kuduremukha: Somavathi falls

In case you are not interested in trekking & just want to have a dip in Somavathi falls, you can hire a jeep from Samse village to Mullodi. Have fun and come back the same day. Or else, you can stay at Sathish’s place which is a non-commercial homestay. Sathish’s family are very hospitable & friendly.

Continued – trek to peak

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  1. Fantastic pics. Loved the first one in particular. Ah! the slippery rocks of Somavathi a unique experience of the sort.

    Malabar whistler was there everywhere in Kuduremukha, probably thats their mating season or its their natural habitat. Even though we heard them in other parts of the western ghats, we found them in abundance only here. It was as if we were guided to the peak by them…their little sweet whistle!

  2. No wonder hills have another kind of beauty during monsoons. 🙂

    Lovely place to visit though the slippery surface looks dangerous. Is it because of the moss/algae ?

    I wonder if the authorities clean it during non monsoon days.

  3. WoW…some really beautiffully captured shots of the falls. Its dangerous but the beauty really compensates for it, in the waterfalls and during the rainy season they are at their attractive best,isn’t it!

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